Tax Problem?

Get a Personalized Tax Resolution Plan to Handle It


Get a Personalized Tax Resolution Plan to Handle It

"I tried over a decade to manage my tax debt myself... reaching out to the IRS to make payment arrangements. Each year as the payment amounts got higher and higher, my anxieties grew. Penalties and interest made the escalating balance more and more unmanageable. I didn’t know how to stop the cycle. When I was at the height of overwhelm, I reached out to the CP Team for help. We started the resolution process in July 2021 and by April 2022, I had my settlement acceptance letter in hand from the IRS. I still take it out to just look at it sometimes. Besides getting my debt resolved, the team continues to educate me via their maintenance program. Their regular check-ins help ensure that I remain compliant and never find myself drowning in tax debt again. My one and only regret is that I didn't reach out earlier."
- Nicole T
Managing Director

What is Tax Resolution?

Many taxpayers have large balances due to the Federal and State tax authorities.  The goal of tax resolution is to restore your peace of mind and financial stability by advocating for our clients and negotiating one or more of the following:

"From 100% garnishment down to 15% in 2 weeks"

“The Counting Pennies team has done an amazing job with my taxes. I was in a very difficult situation with the state and federal and the team jumped right on it. From 100% garnishment down to 15% in 2 weeks to then eventually settle at a very low cost. I am grateful yet amazed at the work that they’ve done for me. If you’re looking for a tax resolution, you can count on them!”
- Bri
Corporate Events Manager

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Case Studies

Imagine getting a notice from the IRS with a balance due of $77,000. Now, imagine having that debt resolved by making one payment of $1,068!

This was the case with one of our clients.

Years of tax debt, unaffordable payment plans, and her own guilt and shame contributed to many sleepless nights and stressful days. She reached out to Counting Pennies after hearing about our Tax Resolution Program. We negotiated with the IRS on her behalf, and they agreed to forgive the $77,000 tax balance if she made a one-time payment of $1,068. She made the payment and shortly thereafter received confirmation that her tax debt had been successfully resolved.

No more sleepless nights for this client. She is ELATED and RELIEVED beyond words.
Occupation: Self-Employed
Years In Debt: 7
Filing Status: Single
Number of People in Household: 1
Annual Income: $37K

The founder of a 7-figure tech company came to us with a unique tax resolution case. Like many Americans, he had a deeply ingrained fear of the IRS. This fear led to feelings of stress and dread at even the mention of taxes, leading him to avoid opening his IRS mail for months and even years at a time. When he came to us, he had not filed tax returns for 10 years.

His worst fear was realized when he came face-to-face with his $1.4 million tax balance. We immediately entered negotiations with the IRS to lower his tax liability. Much to his relief, we were able to enter him into a payment arrangement with the IRS that will save him over $800,000 during the next 10 years.

He will receive ongoing support through our maintenance program now that he has resolved to remain current and compliant with his tax filings.

Occupation: Investor, S-Corp Owner
Years In Debt: 10
Filing Status: Married Filing Joint
Number of People In Household: 4
Annual Income: $1.2M

There are Two Types of People When it Comes to Tax Resolution

Which Are You Now?
Which Would You Like To Be?

The Passive Reactor

The Problem Solver

Tax Resolution Really Makes a Difference!

How Do We Get Started?

Here are the details:

Introductory Meeting

We meet to discuss your personal situation. Allowing you to fully explain the needs of your household will reduce your stress. Knowing your family needs will help us to be the best advocate for you, leaving you comfortable with your resolution team.

In Depth Financial Review

Using a detailed survey, you help us to understand your
1) Income
2) Expenses
3) Assets
4) Liabilities

Review of Tax History

Our team analyzes your tax transcripts to determine the status of your IRS account. We identify:
1. Returns you have filed
2. When they were filed
3. If there are liens or levies

Bring Your Tax Returns Into Complicance

After examining your personal situation, tax history, and resolution goals, we will bring you into compliance in the most favorable way for your household.

Evaluation for Optimal Resolution

After you are brought into compliance, we evaluate all options and review them with you to find the best solution for your tax problem.

Implementing Your Resolution Strategy

You choose the tax resolution solution you are comfortable with, and your team will start implementing it.

Can I Do This On My Own?

*Our firm has years of education and experience navigating IRS codes and requirements. This gives us a higher acceptance rate than taxpayers attempting resolution on their own.

Meet Our Tax Resolution Team

Alicia Weed, EA​
Tax Resolution Specialist

Christy Ntuk​
Tax Resolution Specialist

H. Randy Hughes III, CPA
Certified Tax Resolution Specialist

What Is It Like To Work With Us?

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